Total Body Support 

1. Total Body Assessment
We assess all the muscles and motions that are associated with the golf swing.

2. Two-Dimensional Video Analysis
We video 2 dimensions of the golf swing and determine any swing faults.

3. Program Prescription
An Internet accessible program is designed to help eliminate any physical limitations found in the Golf Fitness Assessment.
What is Golf Fitness?

Golf fitness is the involvement of exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles used during the golf swing. We       implement stretches that allow for a greater range of motion in the appropriate joints and surrounding muscles. Resistance training strengthens the desired muscles to produce optimal speed, balance and maximum power in the golf swing.
A golf conditioning specialist assesses physical ability and designs a ‘Golf Specific to Me’ individualized golf exercise program. These programs will help diminish a player’s physical limitations while 

Molding a Better Body For Golf
 Would you play the Master's with only a driver and a putter in your bag? To be a consistent and successful golfer, one must play with the right equipment. Here at FitGolf, we are dedicated to make sure you possess the right tools for success. You will work with a team of professionals to make sure you have the right balance of weight training, cardio, diet, and practice. The game of golf has many facets such as; physical conditioning, proper form, and proper equipment. Playing without one of these three facets may spell disaster on the course by a loss of strokes. Whether you are playing for fun or for a business event you always want to be at the top of your game. FitGolf is here to make sure that the next time you hit the links you have all the tools you need to play a great round of golf. 
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 Over the season I went from a 12 to a 5.7 handicap, I beat last year’s club champion     (a +2 handicap) in the first round of my Club Championship, and my father and I won the Club Championship for team match play. I feel great about what I accomplished this year with my golf game.  You were a big part of that success and I want you to know how much I appreciate your work.               
 Matt Havens
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Play Better Golf Through Fitness

My clients have won club championships, received full scholarships to Division 1 schools, improved their handicap by as many as 7 strokes, come in 2nd for golfer of the year at their club, become healthier and lost over 100 pounds. And each of these feats were accomplished by different clients of mine.

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